Agreement  The EAS and the system of the National Coordinators


1        The “National Coordinators“ (NCs) represent the EAS at national level. They support music education activities and initiatives in their countries and they communicate these 

            activities at the European level. They may cooperate in this with other representatives of the EAS, primarily with the EAS board members and with the NCs of the other               


  1. The National Coordinators are to be fully integrated into the activities of the EAS. They are to be taken into consideration regarding involvement in international music 

            education congresses and other events, in which the EAS is in a leading position to organise. They are also to be taken into consideration regarding the planning and realisation  

           of EU projects in music education.

  1. The NCs will endeavour to build close cooperation with national and regional associations in their countries.
  2. It is the NCs task to form a team suitable to the conditions in the country (federal states, provinces, regions etc.). The members of this team will work as further representatives

           of the EAS. This team can develop the website of the respective country in different ways – under the overall responsibility of the NC. In some European regions probably

           cooperation teams should be established including NCs of different countries (for example as a cooperation of the NCs in the different Scandinavian countries)

  1. A key aspect of the activities of the NCs – besides congresses, events and projects – is the EAS website:
    1. The NCs will create and use their respective ‘pages’ within  the EAS website, autonomously to a broad extent.
    2. They will present themselves (including photographs, and brief professional biography, with publications and activities etc.) as well as their function as representatives 

                  of the  EAS

    1. They will use this website as a platform to advertise and give information about the music education activities in their country.
    2. They will make available a current list of events in their country.
    3. They will make information about bigger events (national, international) available to the main information site of the EAS website.
    4. They can use the website to give links to further information (e.g. relevant publications, journals, school books etc.)
    5. The website will be organised in English at the main level (headlines, abstracts). In addition to this documents in the particular language of the country as well as

                   translations in more languages can be envisaged.

  1. The NCs are nominated by the EAS board for a period of four years. There is one NC per country.
  2. The appointment of NC of the EAS is to be made – as far as possible – by an agreement of the respective institution or organisation (i.e. university, school,

            association), in which the NC is involved. This appointment will then be confirmed by an official document to the particular institution.

  1. At the end of the period of the NCs role – after four years – the NC will receive an official certificate of the EAS. This will document the function and performance of the NC

            in the European context. After ending the period it should be decided who will take the NC function in this country for the next period. This can be the same person.