Information about the institution

Charles University Pedagogical Faculty in Prague



Charles University Pedagogical Faculty in Prague was founded in 1946 and is one of the 16 schools of the university. It prepares future teachers for all stages and types of schools, and also enables further education after graduation. Nowadays, there is about 4, 000 students at the faculty. 344 professional, learned and pedagogic workers take care of the students’ education. The faculty gives its graduates the academic titles of Bachelor, Master and Doctor depending on the type of study. Its research and artistic activity enjoys great diversity. It realizes a number of development grants of domestic kind but also within the frame of international collaboration of the Open Society Fund and Phare and other grant agencies and foundations. Within that there is also the rich artistic and pedagogical  activity of the Department of Music Education of the Pedagogical faculty which takes care of a high quality preparation of students for their future mission as music teachers in all the levels of the school system, including special educational institutions. Students of this school study Music Education in combination with some other subject (English, Czech, Piano Performance, Choir Conducting).


The department of Music Education prepares a number of conferences and practical seminars which focus on topical music education issues relating to the teaching practice. Its workers, in collaboration with foreign experts,  are involved in research projects, the results of their work are then published in domestic and foreign press. The Music Department has thus gained a front position among similar departments of pedagogical faculties in the Czech Republic. as far as the artistic field is concerned, it organizes a number of concerts, artistic seminars, expert and artistic trips, and co-operates with the graduates - music teachers. That is done within the framework of various music methodology courses. The department greatly helps secondary school instrumental chamber ensembles within the frame of the frame of the development project Youth tempered by music which takes place at Dr. J. Pekař secondary Grammar School in Mladá Boleslav. The projects is under the patronage of the Czech Secretary of Education. It strengthens the significance of music education at secondary grammar schools and supports the creation of student chamber ensembles in the Czech Republic. What is also significant is the long lasting collaboration of the department with the music section of the Prešov University Human and Natural Sciences Faculty in Slovakia within the framework of the project Bridge for Co-operation. This collaboration has been awarded several times by the Czech General Consulate in Košice and the Slovak embassy in Prague. In the last few years it has realized several successful projects of international significance in the fields of piano and vocal performance. The projects are intended for university students and teachers from many countries from Europe,. America and Asia. The department successfully co-operates with distinguished artists and teachers from Europe and America. These activities significantly support the development in the area of music because they provide possibilities to gain valuable experiences and pieces of knowledge from distinguished representatives of piano and voice schools. The department also organizes choir master competitions and courses which support the creation of other choral bodies and improve the choir conducting practice. At the same time, all these activities teach future teachers tolerance and respect to artistic and general human values of other nations.