Dear Friends!

Welcome to the website of the European Association for Music in Schools (EAS), which is dedicated to music teachers in pre-school, primary, secondary and higher education, as well as to the musicians, technicians and students in secondary schools and colleges. As the National Co-ordinator of EAS, I welcome all those who wish to use their gifts, educational creativity or authority to influence music in both schools and the wider world and to contribute towards greater co-operation within the European family of music teachers. The pedagogical and musical culture of the Czech Republic has played a significant role in the past and this remains one of our great national treasures even to this day. For this reason, the inspiring creativity of our teachers in the Czech, Moravian and Silesian lands has much to offer both students and teachers of music in European countries, just as teachers from other countries can inspire us in return. Encouraging, maintaining and developing the musical identity of individual nations is an important part of the work of EAS and a recognised pan-European value!

Please therefore accept my invitation not only to browse through the EAS website, but also to become an active member and join in the exchange of ideas in this European organisation. Our primary goal is for good music to enter the lives of every child, student and adult and for this to encourage understanding and a sense for art, beauty and life itself…


Assoc. prof. PaedDr. Miloš Kodejška, CSc.,
Charles University, Prague, Faculty of Education,
Department of Music Education, Czech Republic


The profile Assoc. prof. PaedDr. Miloš Kodejška, CSc.:

National co-ordinator of EAS (European Association for Music in Schools) for the Czech Republic, associate professor and pedagogue at the Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague, Magdalény Rettigové 4, 116 39 Prague 1, the Czech Republic, tel. 00420 608211169, E-mail:


Miloš Kodejška works at the Department of Music Education, the Faculty of Education of Charles University in Prague, since 1978. His professional orientation is music psychology and music pedagogy. In this sense he teaches the disciplines in bachelor and master study programmes Teaching for Kindergartens and Pre-School Pedagogy in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic. He co-operates with many universities and secondary schools in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic and is concerned with the development of musicality and enhancement of education of children and youth in European schools. In the period since 1995 to the present days, he has solved 48 professional and scientific projects of the agencies providing grants, such as: FRVŠ ČR, MZV ČR, FAIP ČR, MŠMTv, GAUK, and Visegrad fund. For his professional and music-pedagogical work he was awarded several medals of honour, for example Honorary Medal by MZV CZ in 2002, in Prešov, SK. In 1997, together with the piano performer, prof. B. Sharon from Florida University, Mr. Kodejška has laid the foundation stone of a significant international project of piano masterclasses for undergraduate students called "Prague". Since 2002 he continually co-operates scientifically and professionally with several universities from the Czech Republic, Poland, the Slovak Republic and Hungary. In the years 2003 – 2005 he was appointed the member of the Presidium of EAS. His most significant activity was preparation of European music congress of EAS in Prague in May 2005. In 2005 he was awarded for his work by the president of EAS and ISME. In 2006 he was a national co-ordinator of EAS for the Czech Republic and since 2007 to the present, he directs the Visegrad music team that organizes VIsegrat music seminars and conferences. In the present he is the member of editorial boards of professional journals (Music Education CZ, Ars inter Culturas PL), the member of professional commissions for creation of educational programmes for Schools of Music, and he works in the interdepartmental Alliance Artediem and so on.

His most significant professional works are:

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